Today, we all know that companies or organizations alone can not survive.  2008 financial crisis lead to the emergence of platform economics. Today we are faced with a deeper and myriad transformation need; Long term purpose and values are replacing the current business metrics.

Under one Authentic Common Purpose, business lines will transform their existing governance models into a more democratized, non hierarchical culture that will unlock the potential for new social business markets. According to a forecast by UNDP, untapped markets will reach to an estimated value of 12 trillion USD until 2030.


Circular, de-carbonised, collaborative and inclusive business models – to name just a few – are emerging business approaches that represent our best chances to create a sustainable economy. But they are complex, pioneering and can not be executed in isolation.


They work inside existing organisations to identify and develop innovative products, services and business models to create shared value and solve systems challenges. They are characterised by a number of unique skills and attributes: they are generative thinkers, silo-busters, storytellers, collaborators and creators.

We refer to these corporate change agents as social intrapreneurs: enterprising individuals and teams who are developing commercial solutions to societal challenges while also creating work cultures that are more collaborative, authentic and meaningful.

‘’So far, little is known about the work of Social Intrapreneurs and their challenges. There is a research piece under the name ‘‘Business as Unusual’’ launched at the World Economic Forum in January 2020 and anyone who wants to read a copy can download the research from:

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