In my vision there is a Maze, I call it the Impact Maze, in which people are not afraid to try new alliances and change the system , challenge old norms and rules that do not serve the true spiritual being of humans.

Change management is a myth..

If you are trying to manage something that means you are positioning yourself outside the process. That is the approach of the rigid organisation where innovation is a metric and workforce is sterotyped by  consultancy companies’ marketing agendas.. Unfortunately, we can not impact future with past data.

We need GREENSWANS.. People who are walking the line of responsibility in their organisations and networks Not because it is cool to do so but because they know no other way, they have exceptional collaborative IQ and feel joy when they connect the dots for greater goods and deeds..

Who are they? Sometimes they are corporate intrapreneurs, sometimes social entepreneurs and sometimes responsible leaders in C level positions driving change in corporations. They act to increase resources directed towards systemic solutions and make interventions to transform our incumbent organisation models

Immersive Experience in Impact is the best way to make the transition to equitable and green societies..

But how do we create Impact when existing governance structures and culture dynamics do not comply with the new mindsets and new perspectives like purpose oriented business goals and systems change ?

We can leverage our partnership skills to co create and change our old ways of behaviours while we collaborate for a common and authentic goal. World is full of best practices waiting for your discovery.

Just enter the Maze and find your partners in crime.

Published On: Aralık 3rd, 2021 / Categories: impact programs /

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